The Manila Times TV (TMTTV) Network is the brand name of the television operations of The Manila Times Broadcasting Corp., an affiliate of the news institution The Manila Times Publishing Corp., producer of the long-trusted daily news broadsheet The Manila Times.

The TV network’s operations will be guided by the principle of developmental programming geared toward fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of broadcast media. These responsibilities are to help promote civic-consciousness, awareness and deeper understanding of the Filipino culture, historical heritage, mores, tradition and current public pulse; and uplift the standards of political and economic discourse that should redound to the shaping of a solid sense of nationhood among Filipinos toward national progress.

This goal should be achieved through the production of shows that 1) deliver a fair and accurate presentation of facts in its news broadcasts;
2) entertain without disparaging Filipino virtues and the value of human life, but instead; 3) support value formation among the youth and impart information, knowledge, valuable insights, life lessons and wisdom for all.

Thus, in pursuit of these goals, TMTTV’s programming will consist of development-oriented shows  instead of directly competing with the more established broadcast media networks solely for advertising revenue.


TMTV programs and shows maybe viewed through two major platforms




Digital TV

Via cell phone screens, iPads and other mobile devices.

Cable TV

  1. GSat is a subscription-based direct-to-home satellite television service commercially available in the Philippines, boasting a subscription base of more than 1 million subscribers. It is owned by Global Broadcasting and Multimedia Inc. and First United Broadcasting Corporation, registered in the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. FICTAP – The Federation of the International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines has 900 member cable companies throughout the country.